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Bug & Momo
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middle school

7-panel flat colored comic featuring primarily bug (a green monkey) and birdy (a brown bird). in the first two panels, you see that 13-year old bug always eats his lunch alone, drawing crude anime catboys and winged wolves. in panel three, birdy approaches, saying "hi! wow, did you draw all that?" in panel four, bug isn't quite sure how to respond, but birdy continues, "that's great! you're an artist too?! wanna see mine?" despite bug's uncertain response, she's already digging through her galaxy-print backpack. in panel five, she pops out with a big "ta-da!" and many sparkles some cool fanart of toph as a bear anthro doing some cool earthbending moves. instead of responding with excitement, bug responds with horror, thinking "it's- it's really... good!! not only does she have FRIENDS, she's a better ARTIST than me?!" in the last panel, birdy confusedly scoots away while bug sobs onto the table; text within the tear puddle reads "life is so unfaaair that's like my whole THING what is even the poooint"

really wish i hadn't been such a bitter and jealous kid, i ruined so many potential friendships for myself!! orz