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Bug & Momo
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a two panel comic. in panel one bug is focusing super hard: "i HAVE TO ace this interview OK ok um uh ivory black is warmer and more transparent like how tusks are tannish and white-- carbon black is highly opaque like coal-- lamp black is coal like a warm winter night-- marks black is warm like red mars and dries quickly like... um... umm..." in panel two he clenches his head with giant cartoony spiral eyes: "what am i doing i'll never use this!! focus on what's important!!" he's wearing a mob psycho 100 shirt also 4-panel comic, caption says "several months later..." in panel one a tiger waves to bug in the paint aisle of an art supply store, asking "excuse me, but do you work here?" bug is crouching next to a basket but says "yea, what can i do for you?" in panel two and three the tiger holds up a tube of carbon black paint, asking "i was looking at these paints here and was hoping you could tell me the difference between the different black... paints?" at the break, their expression goes from cheerful to concerned as they turn to look at the camera. in panel four, bug leaps up with an exaggerated excited expression and tears in his eyes shouting "YES i can help you with that!!" the tiger, still taken kind of aback and concerned, says "are you... crying?" featuring my friend medley, aka tinycatpistol on twitter!